Online Triage

On our new website we will be offering an Online Triage system. The Online Triage system is there to help patients see the right person for treatment or could save you a tip down to the practice, since sometimes we may be able to help you with your concerns by phone, text or email.

The Triage system offers many different services ranging from advice on Hay fever/ Back Pain/ Earache/ UTIs/ Toothache and much more.

The system has been designed to direct you in the direction of treatment that best suits your symptoms weather that being NHS 111, going to the pharmacy, out of hours, Accident & Emergency or booking an appointment with your usual GP.

Patients can access self-help resources and receive self management plans on how to improve your symptoms.

The service is available 24 hours a day on the website. We will review and respond to everything you send to us. Please allow a 48 hour response turn around on general enquiries, we will try to reply as quickly as possible but depending on demand this could take longer than usual.

If you have any queries with regards to the Online Triage service and how it works then please contact Matt Jennison on 0161 226 0606.