Public Health England Information Leaflets

We wish to raise awareness of a number of PHE (Public Health England) information leaflets that you may find useful this summer:

•During this time of year PHE encounters an increase in the number of cases of Lyme Disease, to assist you, PHE have created a one page summary about Lyme Disease (please see attached pdf below) that includes where to access additional information and awareness raising resources.

•In addition, in time for the summer holiday season PHE have published a ‘Rabies Information for Travellers’ leaflet through which we wish to raise awareness of the management of returning travellers who have received an animal bite abroad.

•Furthermore in relation to the risk of Rabies in the UK from bat bites, a ‘Bat contact and rabies risks’ leaflet has been developed to ensure health professionals and the public know what to do if someone experiences a bat bite. During this hotter weather, PHE have seen an increase in bat bites being reported across England and wish to raise awareness of risk.