Clinical Research Practice

The Arch medical practice is proud to have initiated events to become part of the Clinical Research Network (CRN) of Greater Manchester in association with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Our practice aim with this wonderful and unique opportunity is to assist this important constitutional research arm of the NHS and add research as part of our practice range of services. Preparing ourselves now to work towards and deliver this element of the 5 year forward view which focuses on research in primary care. We are an Active Research Site.

We have achieved RCGP Research Ready approved accreditation.

Dr Colabella is our ‘ Research Lead’ and is now registered with the department and has completed Good Clinical Practice training, essential for any clinical site lead involved in research.

Benefits to our patients

CRN “Research changed my life campaign” highlights the breadth of benefits:

• A better understanding of their condition

• Additional contact and a partnership relationship with their health professional

• Altruistically being able to give something back to the NHS, and contribute to better treatments.

Participating in a high-quality clinical research study can provide patients with additional treatment options. In addition, evidence suggests that patients who receive care in research-active institutions have better health outcomes than patients who are treated in a non-research environment, so by joining the research community you are actively helping to drive up the standard of healthcare for your patients.

It is clear that patients value research because they know that by participating in high quality research they might benefit from access to new treatments, interventions and medicines, or might help others to do so in the future.

Completed Studies

• Regular completion of online studies and questionnaires is completed by Dr Colabella

• DARE Study – Focussing on genetic links in Diabetes

• AFGEN Study – Focussing on genetics and AF

• CPRD – Autism and LD Quality improvement activity.

• Organisation in primary care

• Missed diagnostic opportunities – retrospective study.

• PREVENT – National radicalisation survey

• WELCOME GP Study – Analysing patient responses

Current Activity

We are constantly receiving and reviewing new research opportunities all the time. These need to be analyzed and assessed for their suitability at the Arch Medical Practice before initiation.

• The Safety and Efficacy of Psilocybin in participants with treatment resistent depression (P-TRD). This study has already begun note search and mailout and starting recruitment.

• Interest has been expressed in the CLASP 5/RENEWED Online study, further information is awaited.

Should you wish to receive more information about Research at our practice please contact our practice manager. When research studies are approved those patients who meet the eligibility criteria will be contacted and invited in to received more information. Thank you for supporting our team.