Other services

Health Visitors

Our Health Visitors are based at Rusholme Health centre. Should you need to, you can contact the Health Visitors on 0161 861 2218.

Zion Centre

The Zion Centre is a community centre in Hulme, Manchester, offering space to charity and community services, including a range of self-help groups. You can contact the Zion centre on 0161 226 5412.

Moss Side District Nurses

Moss Side district nurses team can be contacted on 0161 226 5031

Referral Information Leaflet.

If you have been referred by one of our General Practitioners to secondary care for a investigation (X-rays/Ultrasounds/Physiotherapy/Echocardiogram etc.) then please see the attached leaflet below which will provide you with the contact numbers you need for queries regarding your referral or appointment.

Patient Referral Information Leaflet – Useful Contact Numbers v1