Preconception Care In Diabetes

Preconception care for women with Diabetes.

Women with Diabetes of childbearing age should be informed about: 

◦the importance of carefully planning a pregnancy with advice from their diabetes care team

◦how pregnancy and labour can affect and be affected by their diabetes ◦the need for effective contraception and avoiding pregnancy until they have good HbA1c control

◦the need for regular self-monitoring and monthly HbA1c measurements prior to pregnancy with any improvement in HbA1c being encouraged

◦the fact that being pregnant with diabetes will require more frequent monitoring and interventions, with frequent contacts with healthcare professionals

◦the increased risk of pregnancy complications associated with diabetes

◦hypoglycaemia and the treatment options of hypoglycaemia

◦hyperglycaemia—how to check for ketones at home (for those with type 1 diabetes) and what to do if unwell (for every woman with diabetes)

◦the need to check that current medications are suitable for use in pregnancy

◦their baseline retinal (eye) and nephropathy (kidney) results

◦the advantages of healthy eating and taking folic acid supplements in an appropriate dose ◦smoking cessation advice

◦cutting down or cutting out alcohol

◦the importance of losing excess weight prior to conception

For more information on Pre-conception care for women with Diabetes please see the attached link below.