Hospital Prescriptions

If the specialist prescribes a new medication or changes one that you are on please ask them to provide you with the first prescription. This may be on a white prescription that can be used in the hospital pharmacy or on a green one that you can take to your normal pharmacy.

Upon notification from the specialist we may automatically add the medication change to your repeat list on the computer. You will then be able to order a re-supply without an appointment. You may need to telephone us to confirm this or use our on-line service System Online if you have registered for them.

If you are uncertain what changes the specialist is making please ask them to explain it to you at the appointment. It saves you having to see your GP to discuss something he or she may only know of from a short letter of explanation.

If you have any questions about prescriptions, how they are managed or dealt with then please contact the Practice Prescribing Team. You can find the number on the Contact Us section.